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The Accordant Locator - An Overview


Accordant Locator, created by CAD Management, is the solution for Space Allocation Management and Personnel / Asset Tracking. Accordant is currently at release 9 with many powerful features such as:

  • A unique space recharge system that delivers significant time savings to clients with large amounts of office space
  • Unrivalled move management controlling and simplifying staff and asset moves - from churn to major relocations

It uses a number of unique CADM technologies and provides a powerful and flexible toolkit for CAD, Microsoft Windows and SQL databases. Its innovative location management technology provides huge productivity benefits for organisations with high volume, high churn, open plan space. It is available as a 100% web-deployed system which allows access to modules installed and displayed on the left of the Accordant 9 Home screen as shown below.


Specialist tools included in Accordant:

  • People & Asset Tracking/Viewing
  • Moves & Change Management
  • Space Allocation & Recharge
  • Occupancy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Help Desk
  • Resource Booking (Rooms and Hot Desks)
  • CAD Scenario Planning & Publishing
  • Drawing Management & Version control
  • Engineering Drawing Archive

These provide a comprehensive system compatible with commonly used IT/CAD environments, standard web-based technologies and SQL databases. The unique location management methods provide major productivity benefits, particularly for organisations with high volume, high churn, open plan space.

Accordant has an open and highly modular architecture making it an extremely scalable and flexible system to deploy. It can provide a tailored facilities/CRE solution to suit an individual client's workflow. Designed to work with a variety of other systems, it is easy to integrate and customise over a number of different platforms.
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