Printing Hints

Printing Accordant9 Wiki

Please follow the following guide in order to optimize the quality of printouts of Accordant9 Wiki documents.

Basic Tips

For optimized quality of Accordant9 Wiki printouts, make sure that;

  1. The scale of print is set to 70% ( usually the default option for most browsers is set as 'Shrink To Fit' )
  2. The orientation is set to Landscape ( usually the default option for most browsers is set as 'Portrait' )

Browser specific printing tips

Printing using Internet Explorer (IE)

  • The IE has a print current webpage short-cut at the top right-hand side of the browser's tool bar along with a host of other short-cuts and features.
  • In order to optimize the printouts of Accordant9 Wiki pages, you need to get to the print preview window. This can be achieved by selecting the print preview option from the drop down list as shown in the following figure:
  • On selecting the print-preview option, the print preview window appears on screen. By default, the printout is set up as Portrait and print size as Shrink To Fit. In order to optimize the wiki pages, please set these values to Landscape (short-cut: Alt+L) and set the print size to 70% instead of Shrink To Fit. See figures below;
  • Now, the current Accordant9 wiki page at the browser is optimized for printing. Click on the print button to print.

Printing using Mozilla Firefox

Printing using Opera

Printing using Safari

Printing using Google Chrome