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Adding Services to a Move Project

A list of services needed for the move project can be generated on this page. This feature can be used to allocate required services and their associated costs, the system can then generate an overview of the total costs associated with the selected services.

Step 1

At the Services tab cick Add Service to add service to a project which opens the Get Service window.

Step 2

Service Groups are selected in the left of the window, which then displays associated associated services in the right.
To add a service to the project select it with the tick boxes and click Save Checked Services to Project. When this is done the service is removed from the available services list. Once all required services are added close the window.

Step 3

Added services are now displayed the services tab. Each service can now be filled in with additional details. After the details have been completed click Recalculate to calculate the new total cost. Then select the updated services and click Save. If save is not clicked any changes made are lots when the tab is exited.
Detail: Text notes on service
Per Mover: Number of items required per mover
Extra Quant: Additional Items required
Unit Cost: Cost per single item
Extra Cost: Additional Cost
Total: Total cost, calculated as ((Per Mover) x No. of Movers) + Extra Quant) x Unit Cost + Extra Cost


Deleting Services

Services can be deleted by selecting and click Delete

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