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Using the Distribution List

This page lists all the contacts associated with the move, their email addresses and which documents, created in the previous section, they should receive. If an email client is set up with Accordant, documents can automatically be sent out to the contact list. For more information on setting up email client with Accordant, see here.

Step 1

For a particular move project, in order to send out supporting documents for a project access the Distribution tab

At the Distribution tab a list of all the prospective recipients are listed. This list is set-up at the database and can be edited by gaining access to the back-end. The list displays the following, also see the figure for reference:

Figure illustrating documents available

  • Contact Name
  • Move Sheet
  • Work Order
  • FM Sheet
  • Schedule
  • Move Pack
  • Action Code
  • e-mail

From the figure, Matt Bleach (the first contact name listed at the figure) is the only contact who is authorized to receive the Move Sheet and none of the 3 listed contacts can receive the Work Order documentation, while all of them are permitted to receive the FM Sheet for the Move process and so forth.

Step 2: Select document

You can select any documents created/available from the options listed at the drop down box as shown in the figure.


Step 3: Select recipients and send out documents

You can select all the listed recipients by toggling the All option (see figure) at one go or you can choose particular recipients from the list by selecting the checkboxes adjacent to each contact's name at the list. After having selected the required recipients the documents can be dispatched by clicking on the send out button (see figure).


For more information on setting up email client with Accordant, see here.

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