Creating a new Move Project

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Steps to create a new Move Project

Step 1

Log into Accordant and select the Move Manager link from the installed modules list.

Step 2

Move Manager opens showing the Project List tab. There is a list of all projects, which can be filtered by status of the projects, or by other filter criteria.
Description of the Project List Interface:
From the figure:
Section 1 Illustrates an excerpt of the list of move projects that have been already created.
Section 2 The projects may also be listed by adding filter contraints.
These filters can be;

  1. Job Code specific
  2. Description specific
  3. Owner specific
  4. Customer specific

Filters can be set by selecting a type as mentioned above and providing the relevant detail specific to that type of filter.
Section 3 Shows the number of projects and their corresponding current status.
Section 4 Shows the tool with which we can change the current status of a single or a group of projects. This can be achieved by selecting (by marking the check-box next to the job code) one or numerous projects from the project list and then selecting a particular status from the drop-down list. Finally, on clicking the move to button, the selected projects' status are updated and are moved to the relevant folder.

Step 3

To create a new move project click Create. In the pop up window complete the Job # and description, and assign a status from the drop down list. You can also add Additional Notes if required.
The owner and customer for a move project can be set by entering their username, or locating them using the find button as shown in the figure.
On clicking the find button, a search pop-up gets displayed.

Figure illustrating the search pop-up:
Enter details to find the employee you are searching for. The search will return all partial matches, so JO will return JONES, JOHNSON etc… Selecting an employee from the results will update the appropriate fields.

Step 4

When all the details have been entered, click create. You can now create a new project, or close this window to return the project list.

Edit Move Job
To edit details of a project after it has been created click on the job code to launch the same set of windows for creating a project. All the details except for the job # can then be updated and Save Project clicked to record the changes.

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