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This section lists all the assets moving with their details and who owns them. Here assets can be assigned a different status with regards to the move. Once a move is complete in Accordant, the asset survery page can be used to check the new location of the assets.
When assets are added to a move project, the asset survey tab gets displayed. All the assests added at the movers page get listed at this page.
Each asset can be set to one of the following 4 statuses:

  1. Check: This is the default status for an asset when included in a move project. This indicates that there is no information about its location and if the particular item is moving or not.
  2. Moving: This suggests that the assest is going to be moved or is moving to the new allocated location as part of the current move job.
  3. Staying: This insinuates that the asset is not going to be moved to a new location and is supposed to be at the same ('From') location.
  4. Missing: This suggests that the 'From' location has been checked and the listed asset were not found or out of order.
    After a change is made select the asset and click Save

Setting asset status of multiple items

The Asset Survey statuses of numerous items can be set at a time by using the filter options provided.
You can choose to 'reset all' the items listed in one go to one of the 4 possible statuses described above by selecting one of the 4 listed options from the dropdown list and then clicking on the reset all button. See figure below;
Alternatively, you can choose to reset statuses of seleted items only by marking the items that need to be reset to a particular status and then you need to select the appropriate status from the dropdown list and finally by click on the Reset Checked button. After any changes select the assets and click Save. The following figure illustrates the process;

Viewing assets using filters

The assets may be listed in accordance to their current status set by using a combination of the filter options provided.
Hence, if the filter Check is marked then all the items whose statuses are set to 'Check' will be listed.
If filter Moving is marked then all the items whose statuses are set to 'Moving' are listed.
If filter Staying is marked then all the items whose statuses are set to 'Staying' are listed.
If filter Missing is marked then all the items whose statuses are set to 'Missing' are listed.
Note: You can also selet a combination of these filters to list assets set to one of the 4 possible statuses. By default, all of the 4 filters are marked so that all the assets added at the movers tab get displayed.

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