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Steps for adding Movers

Step 1

Select the project to work on by double clicking the row in the project list

Step 2

When the project is selected it will take you to the Movers tab showing any movers already on the project

Step 3: Adding Employees

To add existing employees to a project select the Add Movers tab
In this tab you can use the Locate People search to find employees. Enter details to find the employee you are searching for. The search will return all partial matches, so JO will return JONES, JOHNSON etc…

From the search results you can select All or None of the results, or select a selection of the resulting list by ticking those you require.
You can then add them to the project, by selecting the appropriate bus and clicking Add To Bus. Once added to a bus they will appear in the Moving Bus while employees already on the moving bus will NOT show up in search results.

Employees can also be added in the movers tab by clicking 'Create'.

This launches the edit batch window. Select the Type to be 'Employee' and then use the Object 'Find'.

After this step, the Find People Window gets displayed. This can be used to search for employees by 'First Name', 'Last Name' or 'Department'.

When a result is selected from the search window it completes the description and object field in the edit batch window. Clicking on 'Save Batch' adds the corresponding employee to the list of movers.

From and To locations can be added using Find and completed. Notes can also be added to a batch. When the batch is complete click Save Batch to add to the move project.
NOTE: When an employee is added this way, if no location is added it will create them as a ‘new’ employee rather than moving from their existing location.

Step 4: Adding Assets

Returning to the Movers Tab will show all employees added to a bus now listed with their To/In Transit location showing as the bus they were assigned to and their From/New location showing as new if they are an unallocated employee, or their current allocation if they are already allocated to a location. This list can be viewed in a number of ways using the Location Filter
To add any assets located with the employee to the move project, select the employee(s) and click Add Assets.

To see added assets select Assets from the View filter options
The other View options allow you to see your movers sorted by Floor

Or to see movers that are Done (have been restacked)
You can create a location move to just move the assets from a location and not the employee. You create a location move in a similar way to an employee move. Click 'Create' and then select location content from the Type drop down. When a location is found clicking on its id will launch a Floor Plan to show its exact location.

On selecting a location, the contents at the corresponding location is retrieved. A 'To' location can be added in the same way as for an employee. Clicking 'Save Batch' will add the location move to the project.
You can add assets to a location move in the same way as to an employee. Look here for more details.

Moving/Copying Employees and their Assets to other move projects

Employees and their assets can be moved or copied to other projects. Select the items to be moved or copied then find the project and choose from the drop down to move to or copy to. You can find the target move project by entering the description or project code of the job and clicking on the 'find' button. On clicking the find button, a search window will appear where you and search for the required project by 'Project Code', 'Description' or 'Status'.
Once the target job is selected, the job code gets displayed at the input area as shown below. Now, you can select a batch of employees from the list who need to be moved or copied to the target job. By finally clicking on 'Transfer' button the selected employees get moved/copied to the required job. Press the 'OK' button to confirm or 'Cancel' if you do not wish to proceed.

Editing and Deleting existing batches, employees or locations

Any existing batch, employee or location, can be edited by double clicking to launch the Edit Batch window. Details can then be changed and saved by clicking Save Batch
Employee and location batches can be removed from a project by selecting them and clicking 'Delete'

Step 5: Setting a move date

The move date for employees and location moves can be set in the movers’ tab. Click in the text field next to 'Set Date' and select the date from the calendar.
Select the employee and location to be moved on that data and then click 'Set Date'. You can set multiple dates for items that need to be moved at different times.

Importing Staff to a Move Project

Employees can also be added using a spread sheet. This can be very efficient if a large number of employees need to be added to a move job with their locations but must be used very carefully as the spread sheet must be formatted exactly to import correctly.
The spread sheet should ideally have 4 columns. The employee code, first name, last name and location code of new location. The location code must be the building code and the location code, separated by two back-slashes (e.g. BLD1\\2A0406A).
The spread sheet MUST be an .xls file (.xlsx are NOT supported)
(sample spreadsheet)

Procedure for importing movers information from spreadsheet

  1. To upload the spread sheet access the project required, and select the Add Movers tab, and click on Import. Click browse to navigate to the required spread sheet. When select then click Upload to import.
  2. The data is then displayed in a table on the screen. The drop downs over the first name field should be set as Mover Descript and Blank. Those over the last name as Mover Descript and 2. The drop downs for the employee code as HR ID and blank. The locations code drop downs are set to be To Location and blank. All other imported fields are set to ignore and blank. Once this is done click Import
  3. After import has been clicked the screen will appear blank. Click Movers to return to the movers’ screen where all imported movers will be shown.

    Unrecognised movers are shown as box icon

    From locations can be completed by using the resync batches command under restack/check (see Restacking a Move project)

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