Latest Changes

0. General

0.1 Links on each section to Wiki for help requests
0.2 Mousewheel Zoom on all applet pages

1. People Finder

1.1 List view now set to default rather than Card view
1.2 Font scaling added to improve layout on quick pdf reports

2. Desk Booking

2.1 Users can now book without logging in
2.2 Free form email edit control removed (now required a registered employee)
2.3 Restrictions added for multiple bookings
2.4 Bookings List added for admin users
2.5 Re-synch screen added to re-assign vacancy status where needed
2.6 Utilisation Screen added with excel export
2.7 Unused filters removed from search screens
2.8 Resource Booking Admin status added

3. Floor Monitor

3.1 My floors view now shows all allocated users and department but edit still limited by profile
3.2 Primary Location Screen added to indicate main location for double deskers
3.3 Special Buildings now added automatically if not present
3.4 Occupancy screen unit size setting now persistent in session
3.5 Booking Group help text spelling corrected
3.6 Vacancy type selection no longer return unhandled message
3.7 Monitor Page main menu problem corrected
3.8 Allocation Legend refresh corrcted
3.9 Hot Desk creation/deletion restricted to Booking admins
3.10 Stacker changed to Javascript "add-in" method to aloow use in most browsers

4. Move Manager

4.1 Schedule PDF now build "in-line"
4.2 Merged, date based move packs now built "in-line"
4.3 Department Desks report added quick reports in Floors page
4.3 CAD change support added to quick reports in Floor page
4.4 Move logging re-instated and enabled by default
4.5 Meaningful message added to import when filters not installed
4.6 Move batch object key for locations retains backslasj in mySQL
4.7 Move Admin status added to allow Move Managers to view other people's jobs
4.8 Mover and non-movers now switchable in Floors Page

5. Estate Manager

5.1 Export pages enabled by default (query by floor and excel out)
5.2 Location Label creation added to Floor View
5.3 Raster Image problems resolved to enhance Image floor plates
5.4 Location builder tool enhanced to allow more flexible location creation
5.5 Location builder locations inserted with Building default cost code
5.6 Sample dialog simplifies and date used as default code

6. Resource Register

6.1 Re-allocate employee departments now available and functional
6.2 Employee delete enabled by default
6.3 Division Import retired (Department should be used)
6.4 Default action on divion page changed to search
6.5 Utilisation survey page added (create, delete and reset for archive)
6.6 Utilisation survey items page added:

6.6.1 Questions option to manage survey question
6.6.2 Floor / Types option to set up locations to check
6.6.3 Time Slots option to create survey times
6.6.4 Results option to view survey results
6.6.5 Raw Date option to view/export survey data
6.6.6 Daily Summary option to view daily results graphically

7. Asset Monitor

7.1 Restack asset problem resolved

8. Admin

8.1 New option for special charge objects added when used for custom reports