Move Manager

1 Overview

The Move Manager module is used to create and modify moving jobs. This feature can also be used to create schedules and move documents.

Effective space management is a key factor in maintaining profitability, reducing overheads and allocating departmental or tenant costs correctly. This would be challenging enough if nothing ever had to change but in a modern, dynamic business moves and reconfigurations are part of everyday life.
Whatever the move project, the aims of minimising downtime and providing smooth transitions are constant. This applies to the simple matter of finding enough desks for new starters on any given day as well as extending to major office relocations. Accordant Locator is well suited to managing the move process because it supports the concept of Locations (identifying space in greater detail than “rooms” alone) and uses Schemas to describe many “what-if” or proposed floor plan layouts without having to change top copy drawings until necessary.
The Move Manager application helps to create, co-ordinate and schedule move projects of any size by providing in depth information and other supporting documents which can be shared among those involved with the move process, before finally updating the allocations of staff after the move has occurred.


Move Manager

2 The Move Process

A move project has three major stages that are aided by the Move Manager program with help from both the Relocator and the Intranet-based Move Approval System.
These are:

  1. Planning: A number of scenarios suited to solving a moving requirement are mapped out. The basic requirements of the Project Sponsor are stated and the areas of the building(s) likely to be affected are identified. The floor plan areas determined can be used to define Schemas that will be put together by the CAD users who redraw areas as required.
    The Move Manager also identifies those users who will be able to use the Move Approval System to view the changes as they happen.
  2. Approval: Moves are agreed by those that are affected by them.
  3. Execution: The move is put into motion.

The Move Manager module handles the creation and execution of a Move Project/Job by implementing the following steps:

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Project List

3 Move Schedule

Move manager can produce a schedule of move jobs showing the numbers of movers.
Select the Schedule tab. This will display all move jobs scheduled for the next 4 weeks from the current date, listed by Job Code, Building involved in each move job and the number of employees moving on each date.
The locations displayed can be changed using the Location Filter and it can be set to show what type of mover is shown, In and Out, In only or Out only.
The date can be changed using the advance and back icons. The arrow with the vertical line advances the month, the arrow advances the day.
A PDF document of the schedule can be made by clicking Make PDF