Area of Interest (AOI) - a rectangle on a floor plate used to define an area in which moving activity will take place. This can be used to limit the activity of project relocators and to define a specific area withn which CAD changes may be made.

Building - As the name suggests, this is an architectural structure. From a data point of view, it is a uniquely named collection of floors.

Estate - A collection of Buildings usually in a similar geographic location. This is comparable to the concept of a site in some applications.

Floor - Each building is split into one or more floors which may have a number of drawings based on them.

Job - A uniquely identified moving project - this is the major unit of work used in the locator moving process.

Location - A Post code that describes a unique place within a floor/building/estate.

Move Pack - A complete document showing all moving activity taking place on a given date.

Move Plan Series - A series of large format drawings describing each floor plate in a move and detailing all movers.

Moving Bus - A temporary area to store movers after they are picked up from their source location before they are moved to their target location.

Option - A collection of Schemas designed to show one way of satisfying the requirements of a job.

Personnel Move Packs - Individually tailored Move Packs showing the effect of a daily move on an individual basis.

Room - A room is a closed line area on a floor which may be describing a physical walled structure or simply an area of floor space that must be uniquely referenced.

Schema - A copy of a live layout that can be edited and used to show proposed changes.